1. sshhhithappens:

    I promise to stop telling Yahoo! About how they logo should be

    super pisan si bro ini :v

  2. kingdom of cactus @ Cibodas National Park (Taken with instagram)

  3. new UI - good job tumblr (҂’̀⌣’́)9

    (bingung ngepost naon)

  4. Are you photographer or photoshoper? - Me? photolover :p


  5. The sawah around my house

  6. 9gag:

    Seven Deadly Sins (Websites)

    nocomment :D

  7. Greatest Friends Ever - OrB1tal

  8. Majuuu gan :D

    #demam SEAGames ceritanya

  9. They will not force us..
    And they will stop degrading us..
    And they will not control us..
    We will be victorious, so come on

    Muse - Uprising